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Have you at any time seen pictures of Earth from outer space? Nicely, it’s 1 of the most fantastic things you could ever lay your eyes upon. Imagine, of all the planets in our photo voltaic method our Earth, our house is the only 1 that really shines with color; from blue to white and from brown to eco-friendly. It’s amazing and a blessing that we people are the ones who reside here. The children of this beautiful earth even know that, as they go to college and discover about the globe in their science classes.

Cover the remainder of the painted Indian corn craft with kernels of un-popped popcorn. Working on 1 side at a time, location a thick layer of white college glue (which will dry clear) and include it with the popcorn kernels. Allow the drop craft to dry, flip it more than, and cover the bottom side with corn as nicely.

Next fold in fifty percent and slip the top of the pipe cleaner through, then twist the pipe cleaner tightly. The eco friendly crafts rest of the pipe cleaner becomes the flower stem.

While you are getting ready the bottle, have your kid decorate the outside of the pie plate with paint or tons of glitter so that it shimmers like a fairy’s wings. Once you have punched the holes in the bottle, let her decorate the outdoors of it as well so that it sparkles and shines like a fairy feeder in your garden.

Gather sections of fabric in a fun color and style. Appear for sturdy fabrics like corduroy, denim, or rigid cotton broadcloth. If you can only find the colour and design you like in a skinny fabric, just use reduce the primary segment and the bottom piece two times as large and fold them over before stitching to increase the power.

Save water! Explain where drinking water arrives from and how important it is for all life. Use a timer when family members take showers, and turn off the drinking water whilst we brush our tooth.

This is one of my preferred suggestions for reusing bottle tops. We adore Simply Orange orange juice and we’ve amassed a canister full of those large green tops after recycling the bottles. The center has a ideal middle for including a photograph. We’ve glued these onto those freebie fridge magnets, and voila, we have cute photo magnets. These can also be turned into tree ornaments instead of magnets when you’re ready to create your vacation crafts.

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