Randy Couture’s Video Blog Episode 1

Be original when you create your blog posts. You should try to brand yourself in some way rather than copying other bloggers. Many bloggers are turning to vlogging or video blogging because it’s giving them a better way to communicate with their visitors and create good content. Since your audience is getting more accustomed to videos, it can be helpful to include these with your posts, even if you’re not an actual vlogger.

Charlie is a cult of personality, because there’s no real reason for Charlie to be a star, but he is, simply because he’s such a genial and charming British Vlogger Rachelle Miller. He’s like that foreign exchange student you hung out with in high school that you always kept talking just so you could listen to the cool accent. He plays a little guitar and some green harmonica/organ I’ve never seen before. He’s a Doctor Who fan. He cut his hair off recently, and he’s still as cute as ever. If you miss your foreign exchange friend, or never had one of your own, then check out any of Charlie McDonald’s 2008 clips on YouTube.

33. Event Planner. Are you organized and can manage to get jobs done on time? Why become an event planner and relieve others of their duties that they just cant seem to get to? This is by far the best book to read on starting up your own event planning business. How to Start a Home-Based Event Planning Business, 2nd (Home-Based Business Series) .

And now with all the advances of uploading online content to sites such as YouTube, your main challenge will be coming up with new ideas on what to make a video of.

Once your edit is done and you’ve watched yourself in amazement, it’s time to compress and let others enjoy it too. Most of the editing software you will be using wil have export features for different formats. For vlogs, the smaller the better but you also don’t want to lose too much quality. Popular formats are MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI. The ones I tend to use most are .MOV and .MP4 because they give me great quality without much video artifact (pixelized image, blurry spots and video flicker).

In its simplest form, a Vloggers (vblog or vlog) is the posting of serial videos to a website, with an audience response encouraged. Even though this new form of web communication is in its infancy, videobloggers have already started making regular postings online.

There are three videos that talk of different things. The first video will introduce you to the business blueprint. The second video will teach you how to build a business that could earn a million dollar each year. The last video tells you how to determine markets that are in demand and how you will dominate that market.

If you want to rank well for your keywords, keep the above methods in mind so that your blog posts are well optimized. SEO is mainly a matter of learning some basic techniques and applying them over and over. The secret to getting traffic to your blog is to keep adding quality content to it, and make sure it’s properly optimized.

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