Repairing Samsung 153V Lcd Monitor With Dim Show Issue

This seems like a fault hard disk, swap it with an additional from a working Pc, if the issue resolves this way then your generate is bad. The hard drive is found inside the case, it will have a ribbon attached to the mainboard and 1 of the power prospects from the PSU. It is set with screws into the situation, undo these, whip out the cables and get yourself a new disk.

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First of all you require the defective energy supply . The you need a screw driver. It could be phillips kind or a flat blade type, depending on the power supply.In case of the Dell Notebook adapter you require a Dremel tool and a cutting disc as well.To discover out the dead parts you require a multimeter that include.

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From experienced, most of the Lcd energy supply problems whether in the energy pack or constructed into primary board were due to the failure of electrolytic capacitors (most most likely because of to warmth) in the main and secondary segment. Most of the Y type capacitors have a high ESR which leads to the power provide to produce reduced output, blink or no energy at all. Common worth electrolytic capacitors in the primary aspect are 47 and 100 micro farad fifty Volt and the secondary sides are 1000 to 2200 micro farad 25 volt. Sometimes you can see the capacitor leading casing grew to become bulge and the sleeve that covered the capacitor casing turned into darker color like brownish.

Work your way throughout the base, following the bottom halves are divided, start working on the sides. Following the sides are completed, transfer on to the top of the Lcd monitor. Be careful when you separate the halves as there is frequently a ribbon cable that connects the Lcd monitor’s controls and you don’t want to damage that ribbon cable.

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