Straight Shooting With The Canada Nintendo Examiner

Nintendo made a big announcement this morning by revealing that the Nintendo 3DS will see a massive price cut, effective August 12, that will make the 3DS $169.99 – down from $249.99.

Before I re-read the article and noted that they specified OoT songs, I thought he meant the tunes from those parts of A Link to the Past, which themselves were all pretty awesome.

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As of today, 3DS owners can also check into the Κατασκευή ιστοσελίδας με WordPress to check out new 3D videos and a special “Thriller” 3D animation, featuring characters from Shrek.

The Nintendo 3DS was supposed to receive an $80 price drop on August 12 but rumors floated that Walmart planned to jump the gun on the price drop by a couple of days. Consider this one rumor that is confirmed.

The one question that remains is whether Nintendo would allow such a release. The company is emulating and re-releasing old NES games on the 3DS, but would it allow the emulation of a new one?

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