What To Expect From A Life Coach

This is a story about HOPE. It is personal. It is revealing. But, I share it in the hope that maybe someone else will receive a glimmer of hope about raising his or her troubled teenager. If you are not in this situation, I HOPE you will not judge harshly what you are about to read. It really is true that you cannot fully comprehend what someone is going through unless you have been in his or her shoes. I am the mother of a troubled teen, a former troubled teen and, hopefully, not a future troubled teen (although she has caused quite a few problems already that I will not go into in THIS story!).

Find what you LOVE to do. Go where your GIFTS are… and coach, teach, preach and SELL your services to others in the area of your expertise. Don’t think it’s possible? I have YET to see one marketplace or industry that did NOT have numerous people making amazing money while doing what they really LOVE, and helping others improve their skills at the same time. I don’t care if you a yoga teacher… a credit repair counselor, a raw foodie or a life coaching in London UK, you CAN parlay your passion into perpetual piles of profit, and you CAN begin today.

What is all this about then? life coaching. Yes, life coaching. The demand for this service is growing rapidly. No longer is life coaching just for those in the boardrooms of the large companies. Life coaching has caught on big time and is now something the everyday man and woman on the street can see the benefits of.

I also offered J. an alternative to empty-nest syndrome for her to consider, looking at another theoretical ground and potential explanation: the Push-Pull theory. Generally speaking the concept holds that most deviations from a relationship is not because the person is being pulled (attracted) to a new circumstance or a relationship but mainly because he or she perceives that they are being pushed away from their current one.

Most of the top coaches that I know see their clients as capable, competent and whole. They may — from time to time — offer advice, but more often they trust you to have the answers inside of you. Their role is to guide you to finding those answers.

The good news is that as you do complete things, you get huge energy releases. Think about the last time you completed a task that seemed daunting. Remember that giant exhale you took when you knew the task was actually complete? You freed up the energy you had stored away to actually complete that task. Now that source of energy is back within your body and you immediately feel better.

Once you have a few established clients, be sure to ask them to recommend your services to their contacts. In no time, you will have a thriving business as an established life coach.

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