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There have been two incidents in the last couple of weeks that remind me of the way our great nation is headed. Please bear with me as I relate them to you.

Other people are just learning what they really need, to take them to their next level in life and with the new knowledge they go out and take action, implementing their new skills immediately. When you are focused on taking action you will quickly gain the experience you need to create success.

But you know better than this, don’t you? You aren’t going to get taken in by all of this ‘build a blog today, be a millionaire tomorrow’ rubbish are you? Good, because an Online business of any sort is just that, a business, and More info take time and effort to build.

Look inside to your inner sanctuary where joy resides. There’s a place reserved within you that the adversities of life cannot penetrate. If you practice to consciously connect with the joy within you, by shifting your focus to the inner sanctuary, you’ll find that you’ll soar above your external circumstances and the negative effects of your adversity will begin to lose its grip on you.

“10 Dreams” album. This is my latest project. I put together a small album including 10 goals, each on its own page. I look at it often to remind myself of some of the fun things I want to complete in the near future, including planting a vegetable garden and taking a hula-hooping class.

As for the donut shop milk hustlers, unfortunately, I see them as an example of the people in this country. Not you, but other people I know, you know, the other people that work were you and I do. We want what we want, we want it now and we want what is ours. Although we work hard for what we have, we also have allowed ourselves to become too enabling in our own lives.

Now, like all good entrepreneurs, I get my hands on everything I can to read. I have walls of bookcases filled with books and courses on marketing and other entrepreneurial delicacies. I have books on my bed stand, magazines in the bathroom, binders of printed eBooks in my car.

To summarize, if you wish to become your own boss and be a success you are going to need to take the responsibility and make the relevant sacrifices to achieve your goal and fulfill your true potential.

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