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Planning a Sweet 16 Party and trying to decide on a party theme? There are so many wonderful party themes to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the more common themes. These themes will work fantastic if you have a time crunch and need to get the party planning done quickly.

Get your blood pumping by visiting the Stratosphere and taking a ride on at least one of their rooftop amusement park rides. The girls will love it! It’s something out of the ordinary, and certainly something you can do only in Vegas! You can also take the chicks to try skydiving–indoors! There is a spot just off the strip that has a vertical wind tunnel and allows you to try the sport without the threat of death!

This area is called the Arizona Strip. We visited The Glen Canyon Dam which created Lake Powell. Lake Powell has 2000 miles of shoreline and canyons etc. We rented a speed boat for the day at the Marina. As you look for boat rentals, you need to decide if you want to rent at the marina where the boat is in the water or another rental where you may have to tow or arrange for the boat to be launched. You may choose to not have a hotel/condo and stay on a houseboat. The sun is strong and lots of sunscreen and sun block should be used. Many people visit Rainbow Bridge and it is the world’s largest natural bridge.

Get up early one day and be the most enthusiastic tourists you and the girls can be! After all, this is a chick trip, so you should be having as much fun as possible! Check out all the tourist locations the strip has to offer–the Bellagio fountains, the Paris Eiffel Tower, the New York, New York rollercoaster, and the lions at the MGM Grand will get you started.

After that, you’ll want to have a working knowledge of basic blackjack terminology and hand gestures. In a live daftar judi casino setting, you need to communicate your intentions clearly so that the dealer can keep the games running at a nice, fast pace. Again, none of this is too difficult to learn so it shouldn’t take too long to get the hang of it.

Invest in a Retirement Plan – Yes, the odds are that you will grow old and develop gray hair over the years; and, if you think you’ll make ends meet with Social Security alone, then you really haven’t been paying attention. With the variety of retirement plans that currently exist, there is no excuse not to get involved with at least one of them. Look, first, at 401(k) plans in which your employer stands ready to match a portion of your contribution. If that’s not available, then there’s always an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Beach Party Theme. Always a favorite, the beach party theme is actually easy to recreate at a backyard pool, picnic area, and community recreation center and at the lake or ocean.

There is even some history button that will help you see what you had done before the internet connection fails. This is a common scenario that we should be prepared for.

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