Creative Ways To Stay Healthy At Home

Empty wine bottles take up room in the landfill so don’t just toss them. And some are so beautiful, it’s a shame to simply recycle them. Here are a few ideas for recycling your old wine bottles, corks, and even the labels.

We all know that as gas prices continue to go up so do grocery prices, manufacturers pass the price on to you. As it is gas is projected to be between $5 and $7 a gallon by summer. So a gallon of whole milk that only cost $2.30 last summer could easily be $3.50 a gallon by the summer. And that is just one grocery list staple.

Your walking tour can be concentrated in the eight blocks of buildings which were designated in 1980 by the City of Orlando as an historical district. The district is a cohesive collection of buildings that reflects the commercial and governmental history of Orlando.

Meat, poultry, fish and raw vegetables should enter the microwave straight from the refrigerator, canned and Made in USA Apparel should be at room temperature when attempting to cook them. This is to ensure that the food items cook at the correct pace, not too fast or too slow.

To find out how much food to stockpile, figure four meals’ worth per person in the household per day. Stockpile two weeks’ worth at a minimum, while 3 months’ worth or even two years is even better. The reason is, if the power is out due to the weather and you have guests or neighbors who need assistance, you may be able to provide for them too. Plus, if you (or your significant other) lose your job, you will have enough groceries in your storage for a few months or even years to supplement your food bill.

How often have you watched an HGTV house shopping show where the prospective home buyer, be it young couple or single person, admits that the quality and size of the kitchen is of little importance because they eat the majority of their meals at restaurants, or order take out when they are forced to eat at home.

Getting ready to entertain? You might consider a keg of beer, but only if you’re going to drink it all. Even if it’s cheaper than buying it by the six-pack or the case, it’s a waste of money if you don’t finish it. Talk to the discount liquor stores about buying your wine and liquor for parties – most of them will take back full and sometimes, partially full, cases of wine and liquor.

When you order at the counter, you can tell them not to give you a bag if you don’t need one (because you’re going to eat right away or because you really don’t need one to carry it back to your office). Or buy one of those Chico bags, which fold up into a small pouch with a keychain, with the Umeke logo on it.

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