Reiki Therapy: An Effective Healing Method

When you feel something is just not right with your body, and it does not go away you end up in a doctor’s office to make you well again. This is the western way of looking at medicine. The Chinese, on the other hand, view medicine as a lifestyle of health maintenance. The Chinese go to the doctor to maintain health on a regular basis. Westerners go to the doctor when something is wrong.

The two are similar as both use the laying on of hands to heal. There are major differences though. In Spiritual healing the healer is placing their hand directly onto the body of the person they are working on. In doing so, they are taking their own personal strong energy and releasing it into the person. In effect, the healer is doing all the work and participant is passive in the process only accepting the energy.

I had reiki sessions in south west london no choice but to take the road less traveled. I had come to what my intuitive healer calls the “Crossroads” of my healing. I had come to the end of what I would accept from standard medical procedures. After witnessing the death of several friends from cancer and I knew the scenario all too well. I chose quality of life over standard medical procedures.

In Energy Healing, it is believed that our body is composed of energy centers. These are energy sources in different parts of our body which influences our physical body. The natural back pain cures that we will be discussing will be dealing with this energy.

That makes one think that the more likely reason for the secrecy was to control the healing art, and keep it very exclusive and expensive. In any event, Reiki symbols have now been widely published and are no longer a big secret. One of the first to publish them was Diane Stein, who is acknowledged as a very powerful Reiki master and an authority on the healing arts.

I was an emotional mess filled with a combination of anger, rage and sadness. I hid the truth from family and friends because I wanted to bury him with honor. My prayers for a very happy marriage with family and friends were answered, but not the way I was expecting.

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Zita made her transition last month; only after she successfully carried out her mission-to instill faith in all those around her. People were inexplicably drawn to her, just wanted to sit by her, and be near her. She had unusual warmth and radiance even after death….perhaps mysteriously bestowed by her beloved Blessed Mother.

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