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Even as a Life Coach, I have my challenges with my three teens. Talking and having regular conversations is the key element for successful parenting. Just this morning when I had the same stuck state with my youngest daughter now 14. I tried to stay as calm as I can. I was grieving how I got into this stuck state. She seemed to be venting about how irritating I was. When I asked her what was the irritating part, she could not relate to the particular incidents.

So what’s the point? The point is that being busy is a disservice to your family, your colleagues, your friends and most importantly—-you. When you’re busy no one and nothing gets your undivided attention. Those who truly matter receive only a part of you. And sometimes you can feel as though you’re failing at everything.

She said, “There is no such thing as perfect parent.” I totally agreed with her. She added, “I just want you to be a normal parent.” I was wondering what is a normal parent. Then she said, “Just like when you are a principal, when you go Lafleur Davey don’t become a principal, so strict with your children.” Ha! I got it. She said, “Don’t bring your coaching thing home.” We just don’t want to hear you coaching us. Thanks for reminding me!

How you prove your interest, this is where the detective comes in. You find out as much as possible about the company as you can. Without braking any laws, keep it clean will you. You then write a resume cover letter plugging as much of the knowledge you picked up as you can. Paint a picture in the readers mind of how you can benefit the organization by being part of it and how much you know it already.

Finally, what she wanted from me was to empathise by saying “Relax..relax, each time when she complain about something or is stressed.” All she wanted is for me to listen right through and comfort her! That was an insight, a reminder not to be upset by her tone of voice or venting. Not to think that she wants a solution. That was a mini-revelation.

The honest to goodness truth, I had already thrown in the towel. The only thing that was going through my mind at this point in time was how many shifts could I pick up at work to make me forget about my almost vacation. But, how was I going to get to work? I could not allow myself to think about that.

I shared with her that I am very proud of her, highlighting how she have checklists for her to-do-list. How she kept to her word. I like it when she speak calmly. The ending was sweet. She fried omelet for me. My feedback to her was that this small gesture showed that she cares for me and I am very grateful, I love it. Time to celebrate.

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