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Alright, it’s not the best Windows phone in our budget, we’ll come to that later, but it is the cheapest. The Nokia Lumia 620 is fast, powerful and runs the new Windows 8 operating system. It doesn’t carry the top end features of the Lumia 920, for example, it doesn’t do wireless charging or HD video. But it still has that top quality build that you’d expect from a Nokia. And you get multi coloured changeable covers as well, which is pretty nifty. Another feature that we really like, and that’s unusual in a budget smart phone, is that you get a front facing camera as well as a regular rear camera, making Skyping and video chatting easy. And the camera, as we’d expect again from Nokia, is top class. An all-round solid budget Windows phone, and definitely the cheapest Windows alternative.

Audio Books can be bought online or at any book store or music store. There are even some books that are free and can be downloaded online. These are books that are purely used for entertainment while there are audio books used for educational purposes while most of these audio visual books can be used for both purposes. Perfect examples of these kinds of books are those used by children who are just starting to read. Parents prefer to use them because it will be able to teach the children perfect pronunciation and the right emphasis placed on sentences. Aside from enunciation it will teach the children to read.

The phone is packed in with features and specs and has one of the best packages in the industry. The phone has a very good display which is a retina display; it gives the user details and depth of the picture in view. The 3.5 inch widescreen display with the best resolution supports multi-touch input. The display also supports HD video viewing, which enables the user to watch movies and videos in high definition. The HD mirroring capability of the phone is also an added advantage for the user. The operating system of the phone is also one of the best in the industry; they use the new iOS4, which has many new features. The phone comes with a built in 16GB or 32GB flash drive, and these are the only variants of the phone.

The deezer premium for ios is enhanced on iOS 7 that enables in adding your stored music in the library on iCloud. This integration of Music app with the cloud enables accessing music from any of your iDevices. You will also be surprised with the automatic change of screen orientation as soon as you turn your iPhone. Your landscape mode will reveal album art tiles that are easy to slide sideways. If you want to zoom into an album then simply tap on the album icon. is yet another free music application similar to Pandora. Your station on the system beings by you adding an artist or a few and then the database is searched to find similar song artists and titles to your station. You can modify the songs that play and customize your radio station in this manner. There are a multitude of different modifications such as looking at the biography of the artist, add them to your favorites playlist, and see when they are going on tour. You can also watch and see what your friends are listening to as well.

It’s worth mentioning that aside from revolutionising personal computing, thank you Xerox PARC, the Macintosh established Apple as a different kind of company. One that valued human interaction more than specifications. One that pushed the limits of innovation to create products easy and pleasant to use.

Scrabble is a popular English plate game. Users can move the cursor to the certain area with the controller, once the direction is chosen, you can enter the words. This game has a Smart Select Directory option including very useful 2-letter words.

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